Why people feel that they get trapped in a relationship?

trapped in a relationship

In this modern world, most of the people get suffered due to relationship problems and always argue with their partner. This argument fail to realize their happiness moment thus most of them feeling trapped in a relationship.

Moreover couple has common rite to express their feeling either it may be frustration, anger, worries and many. Whenever they do so both of them would get fair time together this makes relationship stronger enough.

Obviously when couple spends some quality time together they would not get feeling stuck in a relationship. Even though when couple spends much time together there are some cases that people would not patch with their partner due to this feel of got trapped in the relationship.

suffocated in a relationship

What to do when you feel trapped in a relationship?

Feeling trapped in a relationship is a common one among people the only difference in their effect is based on how we handle that situation.

There are many situations between couple which give feeling suffocated in a relationship but all cannot be explained. Here are some of common problems which make you to feel that you are trapped in a relationship and how to handle that problems are listed below.

  • When a couple always involves in argument that is for 24/7 without realizing each other feeling, needs and wants then that is not a healthy relationship. If both of them wish to stay together they can have counseling which would help them to communicate with respect with each other. Still if it does not happen it is better to leave from relationship.
  • In most of the cases people would forget who they really are? In relation caring is important but when couples both have same hobbies and work together always then it become as codependent relationship. Here each of them does not have individuality and get outside source friends and get support from family. Mostly the couples should know what they are which avoid them to suffer in loneliness, repression and isolation from other people.

  • For a healthy relationship communication remains to be important factor if people do not find time to spend with their partner and spend bare time then it would lead to big issue. So people need to schedule time each week or each day this would make the relationship healthier. When anyone refuses to spend time with work and other activities rather than you then it’s a sign of breaking.
  • Moreover in relationship it is not that couple remains with same thought till end when they grow up their expectations and needs gets differ so people need to get learn to compromise with their partner needs and thinking. When it does not happen then it may lead to sign of break up.

In a relation when couples follow same routine life that would make each other get bored and struck with relation. So it is more important to make partner happy and give new experience of life which would make them more interesting.

You can also try different new things taking them to new restaurants, new shopping centers, new natural scene places likewise both can get more time to spend together in new places. This would help lot for couples to have a healthy relationship.