What to do when a guy stops texting you

What is he trying to say by not texting me? That is the discussion that everyone might have discussed at least once. Hope every girl might have faced this with a man who continuously texts you starting with a good morning message and ending up with sleep well message.

Everything seemed to have gone well and so exciting and suddenly he stopped texting me, then you feel disappeared from this entire earth and found nowhere.

Do not feel panic because you may get a sudden panic attack. Stay simply cool and check whether you have blocked him accidentally. If you are lucky this works out. If not, continue reading this and do not end up with any conclusions like unfortunately, you did something that made him do this or he is seeing another woman, isn’t he? This situation is going to be real and really stressful.

You may also sit along with your friends or roommates in a brainstorming session of why he is ignoring you and end up with different answers and confused mind will be still added up with more confusions.

guy stops texting

Reasons behind not texting you

This kind of situation probably has many possibilities but just keep this in your mind, every text from different people have a different meaning. Here are the possible reasons sorted out why guy stops texting you suddenly.

  1. Maybe he is really busy and engaged in some works. Just wait for few days. Eventually, he will text you and gives you a correct explanation.
  2. There are chances that he does not want to end up with serious relationship very soon.
  3. When he does not find things that makes him interesting in you.
  4.  Texting you occasionally after a long gap means he is just using you, maybe just for money or support but soon he may leave you when he gets a right substitute.
  5. Do not be shocked, he has got another hottie or may be following another chick.
  6. He does not want you anymore but has no guts to tell you.

What should I do to tackle the situation?

not texting youYou might have felt hopeless if he stops texting you because he was everything for you. Hope the situation sucks you a lot and you really wanted to bury your phone. Few things listed below to overcome this situation. Your brain might have exploded in thinking why a guy suddenly stops talking to you. First of all, Give time to yourself and think you are the best.

  1. Do not text him continuously asking for the reason behind ignoring you or stop texting you.
  2. Try reaching him two or three times. Just leave a few messages that would be better.
  3. You can meet him if it all possible.
  4. You must be very careful while sharing things with others and choose the right ones who can help you.
  5. Keep yourself away from social media and focus on your career or hobby.
  6. Do not get frustrated and do not sit idly, engage yourself doing some works like gardening, playing and listening to music, cooking and so on.